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goodwill-zgrada.jpgGoodwill Pharma is one of the fastest growing companies which deals with the development of the pharmaceutical products market in Serbia. Goodwill Pharma has the capacity, ability and experience to offer services of registering, promoting, exporting and importing medicines and developing and manufacturing promotional materials for medicines as well as food supplements.
With the help of our home office, Goodwill Pharma Hungary, which boasts with long-standing outsourcing experience in Hungary, our company has become the Serbian outsourcing pioneer.

Innovative range of services

Professionalism in every field

Health is a fundamental human need and a prerequisite for the overall improvement of the quality of our life. Our integrated activities have a twofold goal: to increase the level of health care on one hand and help maintain and develop our partners’ business on the other.

Representing foreign companies Outsourcing
Registration of medicines Market research & development

Extensive portfolio

Reliability in partnership & variety of products

Since 2003, when it was established, until today, Goodwill Pharma has cooperated with many renowned pharmaceutical companies and representatives worldwide. Our portfolio currently contains products of the following pharmaceutical companies: Biropharma, Beres, Pezomed, Meditop and Goodwill Pharma (Hungary), Ferring and Shaper&Brümer (Germany), Lenus Pharma (Austria), Alfawasserman (Italy), Polfa Lodz and Vipharm (Poland) and French cosmetics company Ivatherm.

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Goodwill Pharmacy

One step closer to our customers!

Moving forward with the decision to expand our activities, in 2008 we opened our first Goodwill Pharmacy. Goodwill Pharmacy stands out from the competition in many ways, some of which are its unique and distinguishable visual identity, first-class service, good atmosphere and, above all, a wide range of products and constant support of our trained professionals. With currently 100 pharmacies throughout Serbia – and more in the works for this year – we are constantly striving towards improving all aspects of our business.

Goodwill Pharmacy


Innovation is our advantage

Keeping in step with the latest pharmaceutical innovations and determined to serve as an example by persistently contributing to the development of health care, we conduct a number of activities which help us attain this objective.Here you can find out more about our dedication to bring innovation to health care.

Professional management

Experience and know-how above all!

Goodwill Pharma Team consists of people who contribute to the growth of modern pharmaceutics. Our company employs highly qualified, skilled, young, ambitious people who are willing to work hard on reaching company goals and answer to the rapidly changing demands of the business environment.

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